Bamboo task to trigger a manual stage on failure?

what I’m looking to do is have a final task that checks the current status of the build and if the current job is in a failed state trigger a manual stage of the same plan.

I mean basically I want to build on failure. a child plan that built on failure instead of success would achieve the same goal. keeping it in one plan would be preferable.

I’m open to ideas. I’m running 5.15


Probably not exactly what you want, but you might want to check out the Bamboo Fail Build Trigger, which seemingly covers your fallback scenario.

If it doesn’t suit your needs as is, the source code is available at bamboo-failtrigger-plugin.

sweet! thanks, I’ll check that out. decided I’m going with custom tasks so I’m going to set some result variables and check them before I proceed and just succeed if conditions aren’t met. essentially i just didn’t want to be red all of the time.

for each atlassian product I’ve been generating a parent pom that contains properties, dependency management and plugin management sections from atlassian’ s poms.

so this project is fetch the latest product version from the marketplace compare it to my version and automatically generate and commit a new version of my pom. then i’ll have another plan that compiles all of my plugins against it.