Banned from Atlassian Community (?)


I created an app for integrating Sharepoint data in JIRA Issues and after my app was approved I reached out to the Community website ( and commented promoting my app on questions that I saw where users were asking for solutions on how to integrate sharepoint with JIRA.

My account was banned and all my comments were removed.

If I’m not allowed to advertise my app on the community website while helping the users which are asking for a solution, how else am I expected to promote it?

The Atlassian Community Guidelines for vendors strongly discourages advertising/promoting apps. See for more details.

Going direct to banning seems to be a bit strong unless you’ve really spammed the community - if you haven’t done that - I would reach out to .

In general though - promoting your app on the community is something you can do IF it’s part of the current discussion at hand AND you’re being upfront that it’s your product and acknowledge that there may be other solutions at hand… (Ie don’t do a hard sell).

If you’re just going around and spamming stuff - that’s when they should be banning you.

Contact the community managers to start the conversation to find out what happened…


I can only reiterate what Daniel said: reach out to the Community Managers if you feel like they’ve unfairly banned you.

But do keep in mind the strict guidelines for Marketplace Vendors on the user community:


Thanks @pvandevoorde and @danielwester. I reached out to in an attempt to reverse the ban.

A bit more information:

No linking to your product site or blog: The community is a place of learning and connecting, not to promote or point people back to your products or your website. The exceptions are:

  • A user explicitly asks for information about your products or services
  • You are mentioning your app as one possible solution to users
  • You’ve written an article about a particular app and want to link the app in your article
  • Your support documentation answers a user’s question in depth and you want to refer them to it (note, please include a summary of the answer on the community as well. rather than just linking out without any context)
  • You are promoting a webinar that adds community value (see more below)

I correctly disclaimed by app as being developed by me and as being a possible solution for the users problem.

No necroposting: Aka, no “raising threads from the dead.” In general, avoid posting on old threads (six months or more old) simply to promote your products.

I wasn’t aware of this, and this is where I believe the reason for the ban was. I could argue that necroposting is necessary. Some of these old questions are ranked on the top 3 when you google “jira sharepoint” or “jira sharepoint integration” (example). That’s why I believe those questions should be answered. By preventing me from answering those questions they’re not only preventing me from giving a potential solution to the user that posted the question, but also to (potentially) hundreds of users who visit that question as well.

I am ready to comply with this if, after hearing my arguments, Atlassian still doesn’t want me to do necroposting, and I asked to reverse the ban.

What bothers me is that I got banned without any kind of warning or explanation, just today, giving a training to a customer, showing the community portal and I bumped into the error message that I was banned. Not cool.