Batch call to Jira Cloud Issue permission API

Hey there,

I have a service to call the issue permission API.

Currently, my service has to call the API for one user each time.
I wonder how to call the API for a number of users with a single patch request.


Hello @TeamCoze

The Get my permissions endpoint that you are using only returns the permissions of the currently logged in user in a global, project, or issue context. It cannot return the permissions of other users, so there is no way for it to perform any sort of batch operation for multiple users.

It’s obvious that this endpoint is specific to the current user. But bulk request should be possible for requests authenticated as addon.

We would also be interested in such API endpoint. I actually created a feature request for this a while ago [ACJIRA-2513] - Ecosystem Jira
In our use case, option to receive user groups in batch will also be significant [ACJIRA-2512] - Ecosystem Jira

thanks for the reply. What I need to use an API to batch request for several users.
Google Drive API actually provides an excellent example:

this feature is actually urgently needed if any Jira Cloud developer wants to build APP practically.

yeah. here is an example of batch request of Google Drive APIs: