❌ BCLOUD-21990: Editing in the Bitbucket Cloud UI is broken

Hi there! :wave:

Can I ask everyone to help us out by upvoting this Bitbucket Cloud bug by clicking on the “Affected customers” button? (It literally affects every customer. :wink:)

I would rate this as a P1 severity issue. It’s a layout bug that breaks the Bitbucket UI and renders it unusable in the browser with no affordance for users to take any action. I have opened a dev support issue but the workaround they suggested won’t work since we programatically generate these “Edit this page on Bitbucket” URL’s for our users, and we won’t know ahead of time which branch a user should be editing on or might want to switch to. (Atlassian has this as a “P3 - Minor” severity issue, hence, my asking for an upvote.)


We are committed to helping improve Bitbucket Cloud and we appreciate the community’s help. Ok, well, thanks everyone! :pray:

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