Best approach for customizing 'Create Issue' screen with new functions?

Hi there,

Is there a way to insert an Add-on function during the ‘Create Issue’ screen? Example use case is that as I create a new issue, I’d like to create a diagram/visual asset on the fly using my Add-on (without leaving the create screen).

Any best/suggested practices to accomplish this?


Not really. The create Issue screen doesn’t really have a web panel or other rich content plugin capabilities. Your best bet would be to target the View Issue screen (you can set a property on the issue once your app has done whatever it needs to to hide the web panel).

The web panel on the screen can show either a CallToAction (preferred) or pop up a flag automatically. Just be considerate about the issue going through the Issue Navigator.

Thanks, Daniel!

Bummer there are no web panels on the ‘Create Issue’ screen-- lost opportunity for add-ons to provide extra value within the moment of a user ‘creating an issue’.

Wonder if there are any plans in the future for Atlassian to enable this.