Best Practices for accessing Jira Software services

I am a very new developer to Atlassian products and have been tasked with creating a Jira Project Template plugin to handle our standard project configuration.

Everything was going swimmingly until I started looking at how to create a Scrum board for our project. The interesting line of succession in the history of the Jira Software application has left much of the documentation/search results related to the former Greenhopper/Jira Agile plugins of dubious utility.

Since I’m already within the Java code of the plugin class, I’ve been looking for the Java API for what was previously Greenhopper functionality, but I see that has not been updated in some time and more focus has been made on the REST documentation. Given that, is using the REST API from within the plugin context considered the best practice for actions such as board creation, or would the Java API, which I would prefer, be a better choice here? And, if the latter, where could I retrieve the Java API documentation?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @michael.metivier
I have posted my solution to the problem here: