Best way to implement basic data retrieval


I would like to allow users of an app to connect their JIRA instance, allowing the app to access their epics and issues via an API.

Access like this is trivial to implement for most other services (E.g. GitHub, Trello, Slack) using oAuth2 flow (user presented with a dialog and then they enter their user/pass), but after quite a while looking at the docs it seems for JIRA I need to create an entire JIRA add on, and then direct the user to find and install that add-on within their own instance?

Is there any easier way to achieve this?

Edit: it looks like it’s possible to utilise the default REST add-on installed with everyone’s JIRA installation, which means I would just need the user to supply their JIRA URL (and credentials, depending on the auth method). Do I have the right end of the stick here?


Hi @AssembledAdam,

We’re working on bringing a full-fledged OAuth2 flow to Jira Cloud as soon as possible, it’s one of our highest priorities:

In the meantime, you can either build an Atlassian Connect app which can make authenticated requests to Jira (Zendesk’s integration is a good example of how to do this), or call the Jira REST API with or Jira’s OAuth 1.0a method. You can see an overview of authentication options for Jira’s REST API here.


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