Binding to ajs.bind

I just as of late discovered that I can tie to the initialisation of the rte editorial manager by utilizing AJS.bind(“init.rte”). I discovered this in the gatherings yet I couldn’t discover any documentation to that. How might I see a total rundown of every single accessible occasion? Similar records for AJS.MacroBrowser.setMacroJsOverride. Is there any documentation for all the javascript techniques for AJS? I was unable to discover any whatsoever.


But there’s two things you can do to find available events:

  • Search/grep the Confluence/Jira source code for AJS.trigger( to see all places where AJS events are triggered.

  • Or you could kidnap the AJS.trigger function and log all calls to it by executing this in your browser console:

    AJS.trigger = function(event, parameter) {
        console.log('AJS EVENT TRIGGERED:', event, parameter);
        originalTriggerFn(event, parameter);

Then you will see all triggered events + parameters that are possibly passed into it:


This can also be used to find AJS events of other plugins that you can’t read the source code of. :slight_smile:



Great solution! Is there a similar approach to capture events in Confluence Cloud?