Bitbucket API Swagger definition throws error

Hi, the swagger definition at produces errors.

The specific error I’m seeing is:

“Required property ‘responses’ not found in JSON. Path ‘paths[’/repositories/{username}/{repo_slug}/properties/{app_key}/{property_name}’].put’, line 8379, position 15.”

(The line number refers to a beautified version of the original)

I have tried to generate a client from the Swagger file using NSwaggerStudio and the web based tool at Both tools error, although I’m not shown a specific error message with the latter.

My company is migrating to Bitbucket, but we can’t easily migrate our repositories without access to the API.

Please can you provide a fixed API definition?

Hi @ian.newson,
Unfortunately, there are a few places where our swagger file causes problems. We’re working on cleaning it up, but it’s a slow process. Feel free to follow and/or vote for the issue linked below. We’ll update that when everything is all fixed up.

Sorry :disappointed: