Bitbucket Cloud not showing Build statuses


In the last few days we have noticed that on our Bitbucket Cloud instance when viewing the Repositories page for a project that the Builds column is showing blank and is not showing the status of the pipeline for each repository.

I have included a small screenshot showing this below.

This means we are unable to easily see at a quick glance which builds are broken like we used to be able to do, and that we have to manually navigate to each pipeline to check this.

I have checked the Atlassian status pages and cannot find any issues that would cause this, so wanted to check is this an issue likely to be with our instance or is this an issue affecting all customers?



I’m seeing the same thing. The status shows up for me fine on all other pages but it looks like there could be a bug on the projects repositories page.

If you want the see the same data with a different view, check out the All repositories page and filter it by the project you’re looking for. Here is the link: Log in with Atlassian account

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the advice and the workaround.

Can you please confirm will Atlassian raise a bug report for this that we can follow to see when this issue is fixed?


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