Bitbucket Custom app uninstall

We’re trying to install our custom bitbucket app, which we have done successfully before.

This time however, when we add our app descriptor URL, the atlassian-connect.json is GET and the app is installed but roughly 10-30 seconds later, the uninstalled lifecycle event is fired for no obvious reason and in the Bitbucket UI, it states, “Something went wrong”.
GET / 302 7.568 ms - 45
GET /atlassian-connect.json 200 6.061 ms - -
POST /uninstalled 201 1.331 ms - 7

Need help troubleshooting this as it’s impacting our deployments, thanks

It looks like you’ve been in touch with our support team about this issue. Please continue discussion there, but in case anyone find this here is a breakdown of what’s happening.

You’re seeing the GET to your app descriptor which is the first request we make.

Then we attempt to send a POST to the endpoint listed in the descriptor for the lifecycle.installed URL. On our side, this is timing out which is also why it doesn’t appear in your logs.

After 30 seconds, because the install is unsuccessful, we make a request to the lifecycle.uninstalled URL, which appears to succeed.