Block Automation Rule execution on REST API Request

Is there any possibility to block Automation rule execution after REST Request?
I would like to heave possibility to update Jira through REST without triggering automation rules.
Is thos possible? Anybody knows how to do it?

Hello @GrzegorzOstrowski

No. If an action performed via the GUI results in a workflow rule being triggered, and you perform the same action via the REST API, then the same workflow rule is triggered. The REST API has no ‘backdoors’ that allow associated action logic to be bypassed or omitted.

If you wanted to ‘block’ a workflow rule from running prior to performing an action via the REST API, you would have to delete that rule, perform the action, then restore the rule. Of course, if you did all this via the REST API using the Workflow transition rules endpoints, the same absence of the rule would be in effect for the GUI and all other interfaces that might trigger the action during that period… which sounds like a Very Bad Idea™.

I was hoping that maybe there is some setting or possibility in Rest API similar to querry “notify user”(disable email notification on change) in update issue rest request to bypass automation rule. I will have to figure out some workaround.

If my answer was correct, can you please mark it as such.

If you are looking to suppress email notifications when editing issues in Jira, that already exists. You do it using the notifyUsers parameter in certain edit requests, as per JRACLOUD-34423. That of course has nothing to do with workflow rules.

If you Google topics such as “jira rest api disable notification” or “jira rest api transition notification” or similar, you will find your question has been asked and answered many times before, and feature requests such as JRASERVER-67061 already exist, or the topic has been raised in many related feature requests.