Blueprint created from multiple pages or user created templates

Hi All

I am looking to create a blueprint that takes content from several pages (or User Defined templates).
I’ve created a basic blueprint that can generate the content specified in the blueprint.xml file, but that doesn’t really meet my goal as it’s only effectively a single template.

This seems to be possible in Confluence Server, but I haven’t seen a way to do this in the Cloud blueprint tutorial example and documentation pages.

My second goal is to customize the output of the blueprint with user selections made from a wizard

If anyone could point me at some relevant documentation, or provide some suggestions to head me in th right direction, that would be great.

Hi @mski

I asked the Engineering team if they had any thoughts here and this is what they replied with and are looking to understand more of what your looking to do:

  1. Create a blueprint that is encompassing of content from multiple templates - Blueprints content are from the XML. There isn’t a specified mechanism as of today to include content from Templates (which are inside a table).
  2. Customize blueprint with user selection - What is the intent here? Currently there are blueprints that have the value of the variables rendering on the content of the blueprint. Or is the intention to modify content based on user selection?

Hi @rwhitbeck

Thanks for your reply.

As per your point 1.
From the documentation I understand that blueprints created in Confluence Server can be created using content sourced from one or more existing pages. The source doesn’t have to be a template. This would suit my needs. I don’t see documentation on how to do this in the Cloud version.

For your point 2.
The intent is as follows:

I want the blueprint to create a page with content sourced from several documents/pages/templates. Pages or templates are good for these sources because each of these are editable individually and versioned. The user may want to edit/update each indivdual source document/page/template down the track, and be able to examine differences between source versions.

Also, I want to add additional content to the blueprint-created page, eg rows in an additional table, which will depend upon user selection. eg Select items ‘A’ and ‘B’ from a list/set of options --> Add rows representing info about ‘A’ and ‘B’ to a new table in the blueprint output.

If you can suggest a different/better way to implement this functionality other than using blueprints, please let me know.