Board Epic API Issue ("done" parameter)

Hello, I’m trying to use board API(/rest/agile/1.0/board/{boardId}/epic) in order to get epics by boardId. It has query parameter done that should “filter results to epics that are either done or not done”. But it seems like this works unpredictably.

This JQL query works fine and returns two epics to me:

“resolution = Unresolved AND issuetype = Epic”

At the same time endpoint returns empty response:


Do anyone know for what cases done parameter should be used? And how does it work?

Hello @piskunovigorm,

In my understanding, the done parameter is not the same as the issue resolution, hence, the difference when using search API and JQL. The done used is being set in

Setting the epic to done this way, calling the REST API you link with done=true you’ll get something like

            "id": 10093,
            "key": "TEST-51",
            "self": "",
            "name": "This is an epic test",
            "summary": "This is an epic test summary",
            "color": {
                "key": "color_11"
            "done": true

Hope this helps.