Board Invite Link?

In the browser I can click the Invite button and “Create a link” to invite users to the board. How might I do that via the REST API?

Thanks in advance,

Hi, I’m Adriana and I’m an engineer at Trello.
I want to make sure I’m understanding you correctly. You want the API to return the link to share the board? May I ask to what end are you using this link?
Otherwise, if you are just using the link to add people to the board, you might consider using the API to add a user via email. Or, if the user is already a Trello user, you can also add a user via their member id.

Hi Adriana,

We create a trello board to manage our periodic system updates. I usually get the invite link via the WebUI and paste it into our team chat channel so that whoever is working on that update cycle can join the board. While I could go to a few previous boards and collect the people who joined it and “add” those users to every board, it would result in unnecessary people added to every board, whether they are participating or not. The invite link is a super simple solution that people can click to add themselves to the board.


Hi Tommy!
Hmm, are you using the API to create the board? Is it a private board or is it public?
I am not sure that creating a board link is supported by the API at the moment, but I will look into that for you.

Yes, we are creating the board, lists and cards with checklists and all sorts of useful fun information based on output from a PuppetDB query. I could not find any indication of an invite link in the docs. Thanks in advance!

Alright, I’ve done some looking into it. It looks like that clicking on the invite link sends a post request to If you have access to your secret you should be able to generate an invite link to the board by using something like' which should redirect to the accept board page (invite/accept-board).

Does that work for your situation?

Hi Adriana,

I’m trying to achieve the same thing as Tommy. Could you please tell me where I can find the ‘secret’?