Board memberType returning incorrectly for workspace admin user

I am running into a strange problem that looks like there may be a bug in how memberType data is returned from t.board() [1].

In my example I have two users X and Y. User X is an admin for a workspace and user Y is a standard member of the workspace.

User Y creates and new board. They are then admin of that board and they add user X (the workspace admin) to the board. The UI for the invite looks like:


The UI only allows adding “as member”. There is no option to add as admin. Once they are invited, if you click on user X’s icon though, they are “Admin” because they are a workspace admin and thus are admins for all boards. The UI when clicking on user X icon is:


As far as Trello goes, everything works fine. Both users are admins of the board and can edit data.

But when I was working on a powerup that looked at user membership details in the result of t.board(), something strange shows up. The “memberships” property’s entry for user X has memberType of ‘normal’, not ‘admin’ as expected. Only user Y shows up with memberType of ‘admin’. The results of t.board(‘all’) are shown here: (User X is id: 6032b…, User Y is id: 60e05a…)

Is this the expected memberType returned for a workspace admin? If so, is there some way in a powerup that I can determine that they are actually an admin and not just a ‘normal’ user?

Thanks for you help and please let me know if I can provide more details.

1: Accessing Trello Data

I got the same issue. To solve that I ask for an API token with user X. Then using it to add X to the same board with ‘admin’ role by API