BootstrapManager getLocalHome() vs getConfiguredLocalHome()

How do I get the location of the confluence home directory? says this about the getLocalHome method:

The BootstrapManager also has a getConfiguredLocalHome method. This method is used during system startup to determine the location of confluence.home from first principles. There is no reason for you to call this method.

btw, the link to the BootstrapManager javadoc in that doc is a 404, here’s a link that works:

My question is this: why isn’t this information about “no reason to ever call this method” in the javadoc? There is no javadoc for either method (getLocalHome, getConfiguredLocalHome).

I spent time digging through the source code to try to figure it out why there is a getConfiguredLocalHome and a getLocalHome and which I’m supposed to use. Then I found that doc page that says what the javadoc should say.

And that’s a bad name for the method getConfiguredLocalHome, btw. It REALLY needs some javadoc. Either that or take it out of an interface that you are pointing out to plugin developers.

I’ve complained about the lack of javadoc before but I have to do it again. Lack of javadoc is abusive to anyone trying to use code that is intended for them to use.

Not only does Atlassian not organize their code into framework/API code that is meant for use by plugins vs internal code but they don’t javadoc anything.

There is no time saved by not javadoc’ing interfaces. The cost to every single person who ever looks at that crappy code after the criminal who wrote it is done is immeasurable.

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