Bot not visible after integration; therefore unable to start DM with bot


I tried to setup the app using the app-descriptor, and provided the url:

  "baseUrl": "https://<MY_DOMAIN>,
   "key": "niko-app",

  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/stride/installed",
    "uninstalled": "/stride/uninstalled"
  "modules": {
    "chat:bot"  : [{
      "key": "nikobot",
      "directMessage": {
        "url": "/stride/botDirect"

As per the config, lifecycle events are working, but after the integration is completed, the chat bot is not found.

I added a DM event (/stride/botDirect)
but even to initiate that, I can’t find the bot anywhere in the room/dm list.

Any help would be appreciated.


Can’t say anything about why the bot doesn’t show up in the list, but you can initiate a conversation with it by having it send a welcome message (when the installed lifecycle hook fires). Then you’ll have a message from the bot in your room on which you can click the bot’s name or avatar, then “Message”.



Sometimes the bot takes up to a minute to show up in the various user pickers after it’s first installed in a new site.
Also, based on your question I’m not sure if you expected the bot to automatically appear in your list of chats in the left side. It won’t, instead you need to start a chat with that bot.
here’s how:

Can you also check that the bot is turned on for your app?