Broken links in Maven repository

Links in the Atlassian Maven repository have :8081 appended to the domain, which breaks them. Even using manually corrected URLs, files are not downloadable. This is preventing installation of the JIRA plugin in the NetBeans Update Center.

Example pages in the official repository with broken links:

There is a repository with working links, in case anyone needs it:

I have reported this as a bug:

Hi @darren.oh,

Looked up the broken looks, looks okay. Can you please try again?


Anne Calantog

Oops sorry. Yes it was broken. Thanks for reporting

Hi Darren,

Thanks for taking the time to report this.

We have made some changes to our maven repositories lately, as you may be aware. It looks like the port is being appended to the domain as part of the redirect which is causing this issue. I’ll investigate with our engineering team to see if we can get this resolved.

In the interim, you can replace ‘’ with ‘

So the links you supplied would become:

You can find the updated links to the maven repositories in our documentation here:

I’ll update the ticket (ATLASSDK-100) when we’ve resolved the problem with the redirect.

Thanks for your patience,

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