Bug: Add-on 30-day evaluation keeps looping indefinitely for Annual subscribtions

Hi, Atlassian,

This is Janis from eazyBI.

One of our customers raised a question about their indefinite trial for eazyBI for JIRA Cloud on Annual subscription. After contacting Atlassian support about this (CA-274961) I got this response:

If a customer on annual billing does not reach out Atlassian to purchase a specific add-on, the system will just keep looping by deactivating and reactivating the addon which restarts the trial for another 30 days.

This is a major bug. Evaluation should be allowed for the first 30 days only.
Was it fixed, is it being fixed? Could you comment?


There is a problem reported as an “Improvement” :slight_smile: which might be related:

Actually, it’s related but different. Preventing manual repeat evaluations is one thing, but here Atlassian is automatically restarting annual evaluations, which they clearly should not do!
This needs to be escalated to @WarrenChen