Bug fix for Copy single page API when copying properties to existing page

What is changing?

We have fixed the behavior of the Copy single page endpoint when copying properties to an existing page. Previously, when calling this endpoint with the following body

1{ 2 "copyProperties": true, 3 "destination": { 4 "type": "existing_page", 5 "value": ... 6 } 7 ... 8}

the source page’s properties would simply be appended to the properties of the destination page. This was a bug. We have fixed this now so that after calling the endpoint with the above body, the destination page’s properties will be replaced by the source page’s properties.

Note that the existing behavior where destination page properties are updated as new versions where possible is still in effect.

Why is it changing?

The additive behavior was a bug. When replacing the content of an existing page, the page’s properties should be replaced as well.

What do I need to do?

Developers who rely on the Copy single page endpoint should test it to ensure it is working as intended without any problems.

Developers who wish to simply append content properties to a page cannot rely on the Copy single page endpoint to do so. They should instead use the Content properties API endpoints for this purpose.

By when do I need to do it?

This bug fix is live now for members of the developer first release cohort.

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