Bug in trigger events

In the manifest file, I specified the response to triggers:
And now I have problems with two triggers (six months ago everything worked).

The triggers avi:jira:created:issue, avi:jira:updated:issue, avi:jira:commented:issue, avi:jira:mentioned:comment are working fine.

The avi:jira:assigned:issue trigger has stopped being sent. Only avi:jira:updated:issue is sent (although the documentation says I should get two triggers).

The avi:jira:mentioned:issue trigger has stopped being sent.
When updating the description with any account, I don’t get a response to the trigger (although the documentation says I should get it when updating the Description field)

Documentation link: https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/forge/events-reference/jira/

Hi @v1taliyi ,

I did a quick test and everything still seems to be working fine for me.

This is my manifest.yml:

    - key: forge-jira-product-trigger-created
      function: created
        - avi:jira:created:issue
    - key: forge-jira-product-trigger-updated
      function: updated
        - avi:jira:updated:issue
    - key: forge-jira-product-trigger-assigned
      function: assigned
        - avi:jira:assigned:issue
    - key: forge-jira-product-trigger-mentioned
      function: mentioned
        - avi:jira:mentioned:issue
    - key: created
      handler: index.created
    - key: updated
      handler: index.updated
    - key: assigned
      handler: index.assigned
    - key: mentioned
      handler: index.mentioned
    - read:jira-work
    - write:jira-work

And the index.jsx:

export async function created(event, context) {
	console.log(`Issue created: ${event.issue.id}`);

export async function updated(event, context) {
	console.log(`Issue updated: ${event.issue.id}`);

export async function assigned(event, context) {
	console.log(`Issue assigned: ${event.issue.id}`);

export async function mentioned(event, context) {
	console.log(`Issue mentioned: ${event.issue.id}`);

When running the forge tunnel, I can see the functions being invoked as expected.

For an issue assignment:

invocation: 4d70f9a1c5f0cfba index.updated
invocation: 2ae529e7d0a0b656 index.assigned
INFO    06:05:25.993  2ae529e7d0a0b656  Issue assigned: 11114
INFO    06:05:25.999  4d70f9a1c5f0cfba  Issue updated: 11114

For a user being mentioned in the description:

invocation: 9acd86e62908b763 index.mentioned
invocation: 3d7a228c2e4baa75 index.updated
INFO    06:06:52.964  9acd86e62908b763  Issue mentioned: 11114
INFO    06:06:52.964  3d7a228c2e4baa75  Issue updated: 11114

Do you see any reference to the invocations in the Forge tunnel?


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