[Bug] Problem with D&D on Issue Create dialog opened via javascript API

I am reporting this bug here, on community, because I don’t think it is critical, however it impacts our customer

Today, we have received a report that drag&drop does not work on Issue Create dialog opened via javascript API (AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog)

According to the report, the problem occurs on Chrome versions: 79.0.3945.79, 78.0.3904.108 on Mac OS

I checked that before updating my Chrome and I can confirm strange behavior: after I dropped a .png file, instead of being added to the issue it caused opening the image in full screen.

After I updated my Chrome to the newest version, the problem still is present, nothing happens, no reaction from Jira.

[Update] Created a ticket: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-2037

You’ll need to report the bug through atlassian support. While the rest of us might be curious about it - we won’t be able to fix it.

:smile: yeah, I know. Lately, I read the announcement that we should report bugs that are not critical here on community first. When you try to report bug vis support you will notice that there is no longer category for it, unless it is critical

Which announcement was that?

Yeah, maybe it wasn’t an annoucement, but now I feel that actually we don’t know what the correct path should be to report bugs

What @nmansilla was referring to was the Developer Support (ie DEVHELP). Basically when we we have an issue with the rest api, web-panels etc as developers then we need to go here (CDAC) first and reserve any bug postings to be critical (ie the /createmeta replaces everything with pig-latin) or outages (the /createmeta end point doesn’t work). But that’s only for developer focused items.

Anything you encounter as a regular user of the Atlassian products (ie not through an api or library) -should still go through the normal end user flow - ie https://support.atlassian.com. Now if there was a dialog component available for us to use as developers in our apps then the DevHelp desk might be an apppriate venue for it.

For now - support.atlassian.com is your best bet.

Hi @danielwester,

Thank you for explanation. It is exactly what I am doing. Because the problem refers to javascript API - AP.jira.openCreateIssueDialog

Oh you noticed that too? :wink: