Bug : search api with comment: doesn't return any results


i’m having an issue since a few days only.
My latest created cards doesn’t appear in my api search query results anymore :
It works fine with my old cards.

Can you help me pls ?

Trello’s search API relies on a set of services that intake changes as they occur in Trello, processes them, and indexes them to be searched over. One of the underlying services recently got overwhelmed and it resulted in delays in the indexing of newly created cards and boards for searching. It has been getting caught up but isn’t back to 100% yet. This has resulted in minor delays between the creation of those objects and them being returned by the search endpoint.

If possible, we recommend using a direct GET request to a known resource as a way of retrieving data from Trello’s API. For instance, if you know the board that has been created recently, you should directly access the cards on it via the1/board/{idBoard}/cards route.