Bug when creating a Service Desk project with a custom blueprint

In our plugin, we have blueprints defined to have our own wizard when creating a Business or Software project. They both are working fine. This week, I added one to create a Service Desk project. The project is created, but there is an error when accessing the project. The sidebar at the left is not rendered and there is an error in the logs.

java.lang.RuntimeException: java.lang.RuntimeException: This is a Service Desk project, but we were unable to load the Service Desk project context. It may be possible to fix this error by converting this project to a different project type, and then converting it back to Service Desk.

I Googled that and found an open bug about the project creation throught the Java API and REST API.


This is opened since 2016. Was it fixed since then and I have a separate issue or it is still not done? Do we have an idea of when it will be picked up by the development team?

The workaround posted seems like it will work just fine. It has apparently not been fixed yet.

…a listener on the ProjectCreatedEvent event and used projectService.updateProjectType to set the project type if it was a “service_desk” project type…