Building a custom front-end to JSD - how can we edit the email footers to point people to our front-end?

Is there a way to change the “View Request” URL that is sent out to customers from JSD (cloud)?


We have around 5,000 customers/users that use our company’s community site (they login with OKTA) and we’re wanting to keep everyone on that site when submitting tickets for a consistent user experience.

JSD is our backend for the ticketing system, and we’re starting to write a custom front-end that is embedded in our community site that let’s the user:

  • View their JSD requests
  • submit a new request
  • add comments to a request

We just realized, though, that when we create a new request on behalf of the user, or a comment is added by an agent (the agent is going to use native JSD), JSD is going to send the customer an email with a link to the JSD portal, not our community site.

Can we change the links that are in the email to point to our community site instead?

Or do we just turn off the default notifications and instead use Jira Automation (Automation for Jira) to send the emails? (If we use automation for Jira and the user replies to the email, their reply won’t be added as a comment, though, right? Is there a way to let the reply capability work, but have the URL point to our community site?)