Bulk-check browse permission for a set of issues

Is there a way to quickly check whether a user has access to a list of issues? We usually use Lucene query for that, but with the introduction of archiving feature, archived issues might not be in the index.


Hmm, tricky. I am expecting that there will be some way to search the database for archived issues, but not seeing it yet. I think I would just tell users that if an issue has been archived it no longer appears in Structure. Because a project shouldn’t be archived while it is still in use.


Hi @sereda ,
Unfortunately there’s no bulk API to check security levels for issues. The only way is to do it one by one.
In current version of archiving we want vendors to treat archived issues as they were deleted.
We would rather advice you not to display those issues at all.

Ilya Zinoviev
Jira Development

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Hi Ilya @izinoviev,

Thanks for your answer. The simplest thing is, of course, do nothing and, as you suggest, treat the issues as if they were deleted. We might be forced to do that, but I believe it’s not the right way for our app, and here’s why.

Structure introduces a concept of “structures”, which are sort of containers for issues. I can argue that projects are another type of containers. So by placing issues into structures, the users assemble a set of work items and define relationships between them. A structure may have issues from multiple projects.

Structure also has archiving. When a user archives a structure, it becomes a read-only container and it’s removed from the main menus. However, the user can go back to an archived structure and browse its contents, see issue details, etc.

It is natural to expect that if a structure is archived and a related project is archived, the “archives” are still accessible for reading. That will be true when it comes to Jira data, but Structure data will disappear – just because there’s no way to check for permissions.

What’s more, if we treat the archived issues as if they were deleted, our clean-up process would just remove them from the structures forever. But then, a project can be un-archived – but that won’t bring back the removed issues.

Atlassian recently published a study where Structure was found to be one of the top 5 apps used by large customers. I expect that if customers are told to start using archiving, without us accommodating for these challenges in Structure, a significant portion of these big customers will be disappointed in the whole solution.

Kind regards,

Hi Matt! Thanks – the thing is, Structure has archiving as well. See my other answer here.