Bulk edit add-on listener or trigger

I use a homespun private add-on which is manifest in a right-hand panel on the issue page.

Upon page refresh, for instance, when a workflow transition occurs, the add-on refreshes and conditionally triggers rendering of a dialog. Depending on the disposition of the dialog, the workflow will either proceed or revert.

I’d like to enforce similar behavior in bulk-edit, for the same workflow transitions.

What are my options? Where can I load javascript in this scenario that can either execute something onload or perhaps listen for an event?

Any insight you can provide will be most helpful.


Hi @dvaron,

As it turns out it is not possible to hook into bulk-edit operations in a similar way as you’re doing it for individual issues, and we do not plan to add such possibility in the near future.

I’m not sure what exactly are the dispositions in your dialog, but I wonder wether using issue conditions and/or validators in combination with transition screens wouldn’t be more robust way to determine if issue should be transitioned or not.

In your implementation, what happens if the user closes the browser AFTER performing workflow transition, but WITHOUT responding to the dialog? I would expect your app cannot revert the transition in that case, and the issue ends up in potentially undesired status. Is that correct?



Thanks for your feedback. I decided to implement the desired functionality as a jiraSearchRequestViews module which prompts a user for information and edits issues via REST prior to executing workflow transitions.