Bulk set issue properties with different values

Hi guys,

I’m trying to add to my add-on some JQL keywords. In order to do this, I need to set some entity properties.
All good, I am able to set the properties one by one by using the set issue property endpoint (/rest/api/3/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/properties/{propertyKey}).
However, adding more and more properties causes a long response time, so I’d like to set the properties in batches, by using the bulk set issues properties endpoint (/rest/api/3/issue/properties).
The problem is that I need to set different (calculated) values on different issues and the endpoint seems to only allow setting the same value. I did try some approaches that crossed my mind, but with no luck.

Thank you, any help will appreciated! :slight_smile:

Does every issue have a different value, or are you perhaps able to group issues by values? If the latter, you could categorize issues into batches by the value that you want to set for them. If the former: I would be interested to know how the values are calculated. Would the solution proposed in this issue be suitable for you: https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-1840?

Hi Krzysztof,

Thanks for the answer. I’m aware of how I could set them in batches, I think I could be able to group them, but unfortunately that’s not a universal solution. I need to set things like the author of the last comment for each issue, or the issue links types of each issue. While grouping the values and updating them in batches could work for a small instance, where we only have 10 users, for example, it would still be a pain on bigger instances.
Yes, the solution described in the ticket would work for me.

Thanks again!