Call Insight API in Forge App

We are planning to build a Forge app, which will import CMDB data in JSM Insight using Insight REST API. We are currently stuck on how do we authenticate with the Insight REST API. As per Insight Introduction and Basics they only support Basic authentication (API token).
Is it ok to ask for the API token on the configuration page of our Forge app if we want to list the app in the marketplace?
Is there any other way of doing the same (importing CMDB data in JSM Insight) in the Forge app?

Better vote here.

This one is for Connect but it is most likely the same for Forge

As point 10 of our Marketplace privacy guidelines states, you can apply for permission to store tokens for APIs that aren’t yet supported from apps. So that could be a temporary workaround.

We also have a FRGE ticket people can vote for: [FRGE-400] - Ecosystem Jira


As of today, there is a Forge tutorial specific to building with JSM Assets: