Calling Jira Rest API 8.7.1 with SDK 8.0.16


I’m running up against a version mismatch whilst developping my Jira plugin. I’ve been using the REST documentation at Jira 8.7.1 and have just noticed that the latest version of the SDK runs version 8.2.1.

I need to call /rest/api/2/issue/createmeta/{projectIdOrKey}/issuetypes/{issueTypeId} however this endpoint isn’t available in 8.2.1 (starts at version 8.4.0 as far as I can tell).

Any suggestions ? I’m effectively stuck at this point…

How can develop for the latest version of Jira given that the latest SDK, 8.0.16 as defined here only goes as high as 8.2.1 ?




Eventually I found the following site (can’t remember how but no thanks to Jira server’s lacking documentation) which contains all versions of the SDK including unreleased betas. I ended up using the latest 8.0.17 build (8.0.17-b5184c0 at the time of writing).


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