Calling JIRA Software API on server


I am new to plugin development and I’m a bit confused.
I am writing a JIRA Server plugin to run within JIRA. How do I call the JIRA Software API? Looks like it is REST only (since 6.2.x), does that mean that I need to create a HTTP request from my java code? Seems a bit strange, am I missing something?

Or do I add jira-software-application to my POM file?


Hi @ubangy,

There are several ways to call the API, one could be via Java by dependencies and Rest API. What are you trying to do? I could find some tutorials for you.


Anne Calantog

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Anne, thanks for your reply. I am trying to get story point estimates for a number of issues. Having done some reading myself I know the REST API calls to make but how do you do it? What is best practice from within a server plugin? For example, what library do I use to make the calls from the client side code?

AUI (the front end javascript library for the Server products) comes with jQuery so you can do the various AJS.$.get() or AJS.$.ajax() that jQuery supports. For more details - see

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Thanks all. Have it working :slight_smile:

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