Calling TRELLO with OAUTH

I am trying to integrate with Trello APIs using OAUTH. I am able to invoke the APIs using the API-KEY and the OAUTH token.

My question is:

  1. How do i use the OAUTH urls and then invoke the Trello APIs? I have seen the node.js example from glitch etc but cant get around it.
  2. Do you recommend only OAUTH way of authorization or even the one with API-KEY and OAUTH token is sufficient?

Request an early reply.

If you’re not familiar with using OAuth1.0 for authorization, I recommend that you proceed using the /1/authorize route to ask users to grant your application access.

Trello’s API uses token-based authentication to grant third-party applications (like the one you’re building) access to the Trello API. Once a Trello user has granted an application access to their Trello account and data, the application is given a token that can be used to make requests to the Trello API on behalf of the user.

You pass along an API key to the /1/authorize route ( and that is used to identify who the app belongs to (your Trello account). When the user grants access (by clicking on the Allow button, you will receive a token that can be used along with the API key to make requests to Trello on behalf of the user who granted access. How Trello passes that token to you is determined by the response_type parameter you pass in.

Most importantly, Trello tokens should be kept secret; they should never be shared with anyone!