Can an unlicensed JSM user access a full page module like globalPage?

We are currently in the process of developing an app using Forge (Custom UI). This app introduces additional functionalities to the “Help Center.” These functionalities are intended to be accessible to users with the “customer” role in Jira Service Management. To achieve this, we have successfully implemented the “unlicensedAccess” property in the “manifest.yml”.

However, we have encountered a challenge. We aim to display a table containing various information about issues related to the user. We have a “globalPage” module in place with all the necessary components built. Unfortunately, we are facing a problem where unlicensed users are unable to view and interact with this module unless they are provided with a license. Given that granting access to this information for unlicensed users is crucial, we are seeking a solution.

Is there a way to grant unlicensed users access to the “globalPage” or any other module that would allow them to view the table with the appropriate width? (Currently, we are attempting to use the “portalUserMenuAction” module, but we are encountering difficulties in adjusting the width to ensure that every element of the table is displayed correctly).

Thank you in advance.

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Hi Atlassian team,

Echoing the other fellow partners in this thread, our customers have asked for use cases that our apps today depend on this ability in Jira (globalPage).

So, is there any indication of a target date for this feature to at least enter the Forge roadmap?

Your feedback and response are highly appreciated so we can communicate to our customers properly.

Thanks, Eduardo from Mindpro Apps