Can connect add-on send outgoing email similarly to P2?

P2 add-on could use com.atlassian.mail.queue.MailQueue to send email, e.g. report, on behalf of JIRA user.

JIRA Cloud comes with preconfigured mail server for incoming and outgoing mail, however I can’t seem find any means to queue an email using JIRA Cloud mail server.

Could it be ever possible?

Thank you.

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It used to be, but that rest end point was (and should have been) blacklisted. If you need to send email you’ll need to do it on your own. There are a couple of sass providers out there that have api’s if you don’t want to do it all yourself (MailChimp is one that comes to mind).


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for the answer! One concern though, doing it myself, email will be send from my account, instead of from JIRA user, as I would like, to avoid confusions. Hope, it will not be a problem.

Hi Andriy,

I use Sparkpost (they allow first 100K emails to be free). When you use their API you can state who’s the recipient and who’s the sender (in this case the JIRA user).


Hi Yves,

Thank you, it looks better than mailchimp, but it seems it’s necessary to register each domain I’d like to send email from, isn’t it? I’ve just tried within sandbox domain to send email from my easysecrets address and got error: Unconfigured Sending Domain <>.

Thank you.

I have set it up a long time ago but if I remember correctly, I did register the domain where my services are hosted. Then, you can send emails from your wep app on that particular domain while providing the sender email address. The recipient will see something like:

Andriy Zhdanov via

Hm, still don’t get it.

I’ve registered sending domain, and would like to send email from, but I get same error (Unconfigured Sending Domain). I feel like there could be an option to specify sending domain when sending email via REST, but I can’t find it. And same problem using SMTP.

I have managed to send mail from though, and it shows as via

I would like it to get something like via working at least.

Well, I think I will end up with emails from, that’s not bad either.

Thank you a lot for your suggestion and attention.

Guess you’re right, I realize that I use the sender name but with the I thought that it was possible but it makes sense that you can’t unless you register the domain as well. Which brings an interesting point, unless Atlassian offers an email service, all add-on will send emails from different domains. Not too customer centric …

Other services that I would recommend:

  • Mailgun: I use it with great success in my My Reminders add-on.
  • AWS SES: I have heard good things about this service from other service developers.
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Hi Robert,

Thank you for suggestions!

Mailgun seems to allow sending mails from arbitrary domain with some concerns:

AWS SES seems like real mail account. I could use my gmail account as well. But I would like to make it clear as much as possible that email is originating from jira (add-on).

I have checked your add-on, your use-case is similar to mine, and I see that you do similarly to what I’ve come to - send email from non existent address:

So assume this is fine from Atlassian point of view.

Thank you.

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If you want the notification to come from your add-on then you could simply use the add-on to make a comment on the issue. That would trigger the customers Notification Schemes and send all of the relevant parties an Issue Comment email.

However, if that does not work (or would be a bad experience), then yes, just use a custom email with a custom domain (that is preferably the same domain used in your add-on’s Base Url. (I could not do that with mine with my hosting provider unfortunately).