Can Forge for JIRA add some global setting menus (Top or side bar) or pages?

Hi Forge Team ,
When we use Forge to develop our plugin, we have some problem:

  1. We can’t add menus that administrators can see on the top or sideBar.
  2. When we add a new Issue Panel, can we control its display and hiding according to the conditions instead of the button.
  3. ‘Each app may store a maximum of 100 MB per installation.’ , Does this increase the amount of data?
  4. Can Forge extend other workflow capabilities? such as condition and post-function.

If anyone sees it, can you tell me how to implement it, or will these features be added in the next version.

Looking forward to your reply. Thanks very much.

Best regards,

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Hi @liyahui !

Thanks for your feedback! Let me answer your questions:

  1. It is not possible right. We are working on that. Current extension points in Jira are focused around issue view. Please check Jira modules available now -
  2. I need to ask for clarification here. We are working on display conditions which will make e.g. issue panel available only for particular project. If you meant the condition for collapse / expand state of issue panel then we did not consider it. If you would like to have such a feature please let us know then we would think about it.
  3. It means that one app can store 100MB per one site (one installation equals to one site).
  4. All of Forge workflow validator capabilities are described here . We are planning to add action validator which for example will allow to check if sprint is closed.

Looking forward to your reply. Again thanks very much for your feedback!

Best regards,

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Thank you for your reply.

About the first thing, when we develop our plugin use Forge for JIRA, we need some global settings, where can we configure it?
I believe this is a problem that most JIRA Cloud plugins will encounter.Could you consider adding this feature in the next version?


Thanks for your feedback @liyahui! Forge pages are on our radar and we’re working on it. :slight_smile:

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Hello @ImranParvez ,

we are interested in switching towards forge. Our app consolidates information cross-projects, so we are also interested to have a separate top menu item and page so the used can find it easily (as it is not linked to a particular project, a project page would generate a confusing message to the user).

Any ticket we can up-vote?

Hi @KamilRichert yes, that would be definitely a very useful feature! I need the panel to be collapsed by default as it contains many details which only some users may want to see. Is this possible to achieve right now? Thanks

Update: Actually it remembers your last choice so if you choose it collapsed it will stay that way until you expand it.