Can I Change baseUrl for my published cloud addon on marketplace

Hi, I already have an addon listed on the marketplace and is approved and published.
I am migrating my host into a new server and I need to change the baseUrl of my addon. How can I do this action without affecting clients who already installed my addon and do not go through the new addon or republish?

You can simply change the baseUrl property of your descriptor. The Atlassian Marketplace will automatically detect the change and propagate it within 48 hours to all existing installations. If you do not have any other changes to your descriptor (like scope changes) there is no manual intervention required from Administrators. The only thing you need to do is make sure that you keep the old URL operational for at least the time required to propagate the changes.

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Also note, that if you are hosting your descriptor in the same server as the app you will new do publish a new version of the app to change the descriptor URL itself, if you need that too.