Can I create a third-party application that will allow my users to update their Jira Project, assuming not all of them have a jira account


I want to create an application which can create issues onto a project of the users choosing, which doesn’t necessarily require that all the users who are creating issues have an account created on jira ( or ) aren’t even a part of the same team on jira.

We are trying to build a collaboration platform which we want to connect with Jira so that our users who make updates on our platform, will have issues created on their or an associated Jira Project, if they’ve allowed write permissions to the project to our application.

In case, some of the collaborators do not have Jira or aren’t synced on Jira, we still want our application to be able to create-issues, in the event that a non-Jira user finds an issue on our platform.

Thanks in advance!

Am I correct in assuming this is for in-house use, and not something you want to publish on the atlassian marketplace?

Forgive me if I’m misunderstanding you but is this not something that you could use the Issue Collector for? The issue collector allows you to specify a ‘default reporter’ and issues are created on behalf of that user rather than the users who have created issues.

Alternatively, you can create issues using the Create Issue API with the appropriate permissions based on the OAuth Scope / App Scope etc if you’re building a 3LO, Connect or Forge app.

See Security for Connect apps, Security for Forge apps, and Security for other integrations for more information.

I hope this helps.

It’s not for an in-house project.

It’s a open platform that we intend users to signup for and the Jira account will be their own which they may choose to sync with the data/changes that they may do on our platform.

We have little experience working with Jira specifically, so I’m just trying to get an idea of what the required tech specs would be to implement the feature I’d mentioned above.

Thanks for the info!

I looked into it and the Issue collector and correct me if i’m wrong, it seems like more of a feedback collector wherein some Jira user on the project will be reporting customer feedback?

I’ve also looked into the Create Issue API and tried out OAuth, Basic Auth for creating issues , but they either required Authorization from either the User or from a user within a Jira Project.

Ideally, if we could create an app , let’s say a Forge App where

  1. Our user could install/add/give permissions to our platform app.
  2. Then user then links a project they are managing on our platform to their Jira project which is managing our project and more possibly.
  3. If the user makes some changes to a project that they are managing on our platform, say they are making some specific feedback for a design on our platform and add that onto our platform, we want to be able to create an issue on their linked jira project.
  4. If we were to create the issue in the above manner, we would like to show the reporter as ‘company-jira-integration App’ or if possible, to show the user with the username data we have on our platform.
  5. Our users will interact with non-jira users also, so in the event a non-jira user provides feedback on our platform, we will not be able to perform OAuth authorisation for those users, hence we can’t use the Create Issue API?
    Unless there’s a work around.