Can I embed Service Desk Cloud into my existing web app?

Hi there! N00b asking a pretty basic question…

I’m developing custom webapp that in Angular. One of the sections is a “ticket center” that will be used for customers to submit help requests.

Question: Is there a way to embed Service Desk Cloud into my existing webapp? I looked into using an iframe but it doesn’t look like it’s going to work.

Honestly – I just want to replicate the same basic functionality of the hosted cloud service desk, maybe pass through some credentials, and be done with it. Any tips / tricks / ideas / approach would be appreciated.





Did you ever figure this out? I am facing the same issue. I just want to be able to embed Jira Service Desk within an existing web application. Is it possible?


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There isn’t a way to directly embed the Service Desk UI in your app.

However, using OAuth 2.0 you can develop your own UI around the Jira and Service Desk APIs and provide a more bespoke experience for your users.


Where is this documented?