Can I have an addon with no database in production? Just frontend JS

My addon uses only JS and a node server to serve it (using the ACE generator), however I dont need to store anything on our side, and subsequently think using a docker instance to run the container would be appropriate.

For those not familiar with Docker, Docker containers can restart, be deleted and created at any time. It’s not feasible to use them to store stuff in memory, nor a local .sqlite file.

What consequences, if any, will there be if I do away with a database? And how does one indicate that in their config.json?

In the config.json sample provided in the ACE project, this documentation exists:

// You won't want to use the memory store in production, or your install
// registrations will be forgotten any time your app restarts.

Am I to read this that the plugin will uninstall itself from customers’s accounts? Or just that we dont have a record of how many installs/registrations have taken place (not interested in this at this point in time)

Please advise.


You will need to save the information about each customer install. I’m not sure the app will work without it because you won’t be able to access any protected resources,

protected resources?