Can I trust the untranslatedname for Request Type field will always be "Request Type"?

I am trying to create an issue (with issue properties), for a specific request type. I found I can achieve this by calling the issue creation endpoint with payload:

    "fields": {
        "summary": "my summary",
        "issuetype": {
            "id": "10006"
        "project": {
            "id": "10001"
        "customfield_10010": "15"
    "properties": []

where customfield_10010 is the ID of the Request Type field, and 15 is the request type id.

My issue arises when trying to find the ID for said field. If I ask for all issue fields, I get, along others, the following field:

        "id": "customfield_10010",
        "key": "customfield_10010",
        "name": "Request Type",
        "untranslatedName": "Request Type",
        "custom": true,
        "orderable": true,
        "navigable": true,
        "searchable": true,
        "clauseNames": [
            "Request Type"
        "schema": {
            "type": "sd-customerrequesttype",
            "custom": "com.atlassian.servicedesk:vp-origin",
            "customId": 10010

So the question is, can I trust the untranslatedName will always be “Request Type”? Or is there another way to find out the ID of that field?

Thank you so much for reading!

You can trust the schema.type or schema.custom, they will never change and are unique to that field.

Awesome, thank you!