Can I upload add-on that is reached through any other port than 443?

I’m developing an add-on for Jira Cloud. I have followed the guide at to install and test my add-on, using ngrok to create a tunnel to my local node.js server. In short: in my Jira Cloud instance I’m navigating to Settings -> Apps -> Manage apps -> Upload app and then enter the url where the atlassian-connect.json file can be retrieved.

The next step has been to host my app on an AWS server to not have to use ngrok. This is where I start having problems. If I run my server on port 443 the file upload to Jira Cloud is successful and the add-on is installed. If I run on other ports (tried 3030, 8120) I get the error code "Problem accessing the file"

The interesting part is that upload an add-on via port 3030 worked fine about a month ago. Since then the app audit log shows that the Embedded Marketplace was updated, which may or may not be related. I would very much like to be able to host it using another port than 443.

Is it possible to upload an add-on to Jira Cloud from a host using other ports than 443? Is there any documentation of this anywhere?

Non-standard http/https ports are currently not supported nor are there any plans or considerations on making the change to accept non-standard ports. You are welcome to raise the feature request for this here:

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