Can paid-via-atlassian have zero price?

This question may be similar to my previous question. But some difference. In the earlier question I asked about discount. But this is about pricing. Can I set “zero” price for a paid-via-atlassian plugin?

I would not expect it to be possible, but just in case: have you tried it?

My objective is to provide “early-access” without any cost to early-adopters. After 30 or 60 days, I’ll change price. I have not tried it yet.

Hi, we did a similar approach for our App “SharePoint Online Connector for Confluence”.

What we did is just having a free App for like 90 days or so and then switching to “Paid via Atlassian”. We also offered a 50% discount (and stated that in the details) via our support team for another 180 days or so.

Worked like a charm…

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Ours is a slightly complex scenario. Our plugin is already available for Server and DC market. It is already selling. Now we are launching cloud version of Links Explorer. I have read in the documentation that,

  1. Changing from Free to Paid-via-atlassian is difficult.
  2. It is not possible to have Free plan for cloud and Paid-via-atlassian for Server and DC.

So, I wanted to keep zero price for cloud version for first 30 or 60 days. And then change it when we have a stabilized it. Also Discount codes are not applicable for Cloud apps. It is only for Server and DC. So this possibility is also not there.

So what you can do here: create a new free app for cloud only. Make sure to include proper warnings that you will switch to paid via Atlassian in due time. Once you feel confident to change it to paid via Atlassian, add the cloud version to your existing app and make users switch.

Looks like a reasonable workaround for the time being. Thanks.