Can someone please create GDPR apps?

I am Tommy from Riada, we are the creators of the Insight products. We are also a rather large Solution Provider with over 30 Atlassian consultants working in all industries.

I just wanted to let you know that we’re experiencing a massive flood of questions and requests from customers when it comes to GDPR. Customers wants to be able to find, alter and delete personal data stored in all Atlassian tools (and probably in the apps as well).

This is a golden opportunity for anyone skilled in app development and with enough time to create something really good. We would have done it if we had the time, but instead I want to share this opportunity with the community and I’m hoping that someone will pick it up.

Creating a solution for this requires some understanding about the GDPR requirements and some creative technical thinking. Companies needs to be compliant and I think a solution in this area would be a guaranteed hit.

Looking forward to see the listing on Marketplace :slight_smile:


Good idea. Has there been any official comments from Atlassian regarding compliance when using their products?

Hi Jason,
I know that Atlassian is working with GDPR as they aim to launch Atlassian Cloud in Europe. The only thing official right now is found here. So before you start working, it might be a good idea to reach out to Atlassian to see if they are going to release a technical solution that cater for customers concerns regarding GDPR. My bet is that they only going to cover things from a legal/policy perspective.

Note that the solution our customers are looking for is primarily for Server versions of the Atlassian products.

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There is a multitude of app solutions that can be created regarding GDPR. I’ve been contemplating about some of them already, but unfortunately lack the man-power (and budget) to do it. If there are customers out there that are willing to pay upfront I would be more than happy to pick up the glove.

Regarding the initial app idea: removing PII information from Atlassian products (either Confluence or Jira) is really hard, because these tools allow free-text. As there is no structured way of determining PII data, this is going to be a real challenge.

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Hi Remie,
I agree that it might be challenging.

To explain more about the needs our customers are expressing:

  • How can I find the occurrence of a specified string (PD) in the different tools from Atlassian (I don’t want to call my dba to get the answer for me)?
  • How can I manipulate the found string, regardless of where it’s found (e.g. anonymise)?
  • How can I safely delete PD in the Atlassian tools?
  • How can I get a report on what and when has been altered/deleted historically - I need it for compliance reasons.

We all know that you can do some magic from the database side of things, but this is not enough for organisations aiming to stay on-top of processes enforced by GDPR. Having an easier way to manage PD in the Atlassian tools as well as reporting (when did we delete or anonymise this particular PD) is required.

I’m not sure if any customer is willing to pay for the whole development effort, but I’m pretty sure that you can charge a fairly good price for a solution that helps to do the heavy lifting. Note that this is needed for all three deployment options.

All the best.

I found an app called PII Protecter for JIRA

Maybe they are in the lead for this?

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As Hua Soon mentioned above, our PII Protector for Jira app is aimed at detecting, reporting and optionally hiding or erasing personal data in Jira. We also have PII Protector for Confluence app.

We actively develop both solutions (just released a new version for Jira today) and will be extremely thankful for any feedback. It’s a hard problem, and we probably are missing some ways in which our solutions can fit customers’ needs better, so please let us know if there are ways to improve. Just drop us a line at


Hi Tetiana,
Thank you for working on the PII apps. Our infra team is trying them out as a part of our own GDPR compliance project. They will probably be in touch with questions and feature requests.
Thank you and keep up the good work.

Did you ever look at GDPR Compliance Assistant for Jira or GDPR Compliance Assistant for Confluence both of which are designed to automate some of the more difficult parts of complying with GDPR requests from users.

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Hey all,

I just wanted to let you now that there will be a new Jira app for anonymization by next week. An app for Confluence will be following shortly after. All the details are available already in the Atlassian Marketplace as well as in our Blog and website.

Disclaimer: I’m the product manager at the vendors company and am only posting this as the app does exactly what the initial question is all about.

Cheers, David

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based on customer feedback we developed three GDPR related, specials purpose apps, which now are available in the Atlassian Marketplace. Perhaps they will be helpful on your quests to be GDPR compliant, in addition to the great apps already mentioned above, as they address different topics than anonymization:

Your feedback is always welcome.


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