Can we store "Custom Field" data in AO?

Our CF data doesn’t fit well in CustomFieldValuePersister.

Is it allowed to use ActiveObjects for data related to an issue? Is it mandatory to use CustomFieldValuePersister? What kind of problems can we meet, if we store our data in AO?

Thank you


Please, I need an answer…

Hi @aragot,

If you want to develop your custom field plugin for then you can not use Active object directly you have to use default methods of the extended class.

Please follow the this tutorial here once.

and about your issue that your data not fits in CustomFieldValuePersister please explain this issue in detail here I am not able to understanding problem.


Hi Sarika,

Thank you for your answer, but I don’t read in your document that it is mandatory to use the default methods of the extended class. I read that it is a possibility with an API provided to make it easy, but as far as I know, all it does is store it in the CUSTOMFIELDVALUE table.

I have implemented a migration of this custom field towards an ActiveObjects. I haven’t faced problems yet. I was successfully able to make this custom field appear in the REST resource, in the XML export, and be used in the search.

Hoping it helps.