Can you still run wired tests for plugin development?

Atlassian provides this tutorial for running wired tests with the plugin console, but how do you even get to the plugin console??!? I’m trying to develop a plugin with Jira Server 7.7.1. Is this article valid anymore???

run wired tests with the plugin console

You can, but you should not use the stuff from Atlassian documentation. It is probably best to watch this: They also have an example plugin here:

You can probably also reach out to the Adaptavist development team if you need more help, or go meet them at Summit


To expand a little, wired tests just don’t work when your use goes beyond simplistic, so just save yourself some time and go with the framework Remie suggested. The Arquillian test framework was a game-changer for us last year, from zero to comprehensive build-time integration testing over the course of a year. You won’t regret it!