Cannot access my servlet or any extra urls in Jira

Hi All,

I have one web application which is based on spring-boot and Angular 2 and I want to add it as Add-on in Jira Software cloud. For now I have converted my application to Add-on and it is getting installed in Jira Software successfully. I can see my login page and also can get login in my application.

But in my application I have few link through which I am calling servlet request in my application and when I click on that link it is giving 404 error in browser. For reference


Below in my “atlassian-connect.json” file looks like:

  "key": "atlassian-connect-spring-boot-sample-basic",
  "baseUrl": "http://localhost",
  "name": "Atlassian Connect Spring Boot Basic Sample",
  "authentication": {
    "type": "jwt"
  "scopes": ["READ","WRITE","ACT_AS_USER","ADMIN"],
  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/installed",
    "uninstalled": "/uninstalled"
  }, "modules": {
  "generalPages": [
      "key": "atlaskit-page-jira",
      "location": "",
      "name": {
        "value": "APP"
      "url": "/index.html"

Could please any one let me know how should I allow the servlet link which is not working? Am I missing any configuration in this json file?

hello @ParthBhatt ,
as it says 404 not found meaning the call is not reaching your endpoint so it appears to be either a malformed call from the front (angular app), or a malformed endpoint from your spring boot app.