Cannot add a simple webitem

I am trying to add a webItem into my app. I am using the example fragment used in the documentation example at, however the webitem is not displaying. From my descrpitor:

"scopes": [
"webItems": [
        "key": "example-section-link",
        "location": "",
        { "value": "App Toolkit" },
        "url": ""

Any idea why the webitem would not display?

Nuturally, I discover what I am doing wrong 5 minutes after I go to the community :slight_smile:, but maybe I can save someone else suffering. The webItems section needed to be put inside the modules section.


That’s always the case isn’t it. I do the same thing as soon as I start to tell someone the problem I figure it out no matter how long I spent before hand.

There is this notion of Rubber duck debugging and was the butt of an April Fools day joke this year on Stack Overflow


OMG I am debugging for 4 hours and this is exactly what happened. Webitem is outside modules.

Glad that I came here. Thank you @jan.revis for updating this thread after you found out what was wrong. Cheers.