Cannot create a JIRA glance

I am attempting to create create my first glance in JIRA. My descriptor installs successfully, but I cannot get it to display on the issue. I have added the following into my descriptor under modules. Is there something missing or another action I have to take to get the gland fragment to display? Do I need to do put to set the status as in

“modules”: {
“jiraIssueGlances”: [
“key”: “issue-glance”,
“icon”: {
“width”: 20,
“height”: 20,
“url”: “/icons/logo.svg”
“content”: {
“type”: “label”,
“label”: {
“value”: “Glance Label”
“target”: {
“type”: “web_panel”,
“url”: “/panel.html”
“name”: {
“value”: “the-glance”