Cannot create application but application pending in marketplace


I am trying to create an application.

When I register the app, I get the error “This key is used by an existing application.”

However, the very same app is in the marketplace and pending approval. There was no validation at all from the marketplace side and this is pending validation.

Why this is happening (there is no application with the same key) and how can I resolve it?

More important: since this is something that include some specific with the applicationn (name, key), how can I discuss with Atlassian Staff to resolve the issue?


Hey @xcodinglabs,

Could you please share more details on it?

  • vendor name
  • App name
  • AMKTHELP ticket if you have opened one.



Vendor Name; Xcoding/Code Inspector
App name: code-inspector
No AMKHELP ticket


Any update on this? FYI - I create a bitbucket cloud ticket on BBS-130612


For future reference. When registering an app you must use a key that doesn’t exist amongst any other registered app or any installation of an unregistered app. The easiest work around is to use a new key, but if you can’t do that, all of the existing, unregistered app installations for that key would need to be removed.

For your specific case, I believe that support has helped you.

Thanks a lot! Indeed, support helped me!